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Wheatland County Line (Acoustic Version)

On Wednesday night we went to Dexter Lake Club in Dexter, Oregon. Amy (my step-cousin) came along with Ruth and Mel, while Dave stayed home with the kids. DLC was used in the movie Animal House, but sat empty for a long time until the new owners bought it and brought it back to life. Gregg, the owner, is also a musician, and the sound for the Wednesday Songwriters Open Mic was super - good balance and tone, clear vocals, and I could hear myself in the monitor. There weren't many people in the place, and most of the people who were there were other performers. I brought my own audience. I think if I was around all the time their enthusiasm for going out to open mics with me might diminish, but I have really enjoyed having family come to see me perform. The first spot on the list was the owner playing guitar and singing with Scott, his bass player. They were talking about the different bands they had been in over the many years, and played really well, with Gregg singing his original music. I went up next. I was somewhat apprehensive about following such super musicians, but my set was a wonderful experience - I played for 30 minutes or more, sang well, and (mostly) did good on the guitar. Amy was recording on her phone so maybe there will be a video available. There were three performers after me, and as it turned out Craig, the last performer, was the son of someone Ruth and Mel know. Craig is an exceptional songwriter. After the open mic was over I asked Craig if he had a CD, but the answer was "No, but I'm working on it." I hope that doesn't mean what it usually means, and that he gets it out and available before too many years have passed. This open mic was the best by far of the ones I went to in the Eugene area. Dexter Lake Club is an extremely cool place, run by good people, and definitely worth playing at if you are anywhere near. I will get back here again.

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