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Wheatland County Line (Acoustic Version)

Mondo arrived at the camper at 6:30 am in his F-350 pickup. The pickup looked like it had originally been a two-tone beige, but right now it's mostly mud tone, including at least 4 inches of it caked on the running boards. When I came out of the RV he offered me the can of beer in his hand with the word "Coffee?" I declined. Dave from the camper next to mine came over, and also declined the offered can. We discussed the weather and youthful indiscretions as we waited for Pam and Cary to show up, which they did about a half hour later. I got in Mondo's pickup, and Pam and Cary followed in their pickup. Mondo had a rifle with a scope sitting between the driver and passenger seats. Bullets in a case sat on the passenger side of the dash, about half of them missing. Spent shells were on the floor. It brought to mind the conversation I heard at the Wasta Bar on Tuesday, between four ranchers about how many coyotes they shot in the past year. Mondo works as a ranch hand. He led us om to Rusty's ranch land to the spot Phil and I visited in 2008. The turns were familiar, as was the view. Mondo is sure this was where Red's ashes were scattered, and it looks like a fine spot for Phil's. I got the box from the truck, and walked down by a small cedar that Cary thought would be a good marker to remember the place. Cary, Pam and Mondo stayed by the truck, and stood silently as I spread the ashes. They settled in a dark grey layer on the parched light grey land, and I knelt for a while, reluctant to leave. I had brought some polished agates and a large flat rock I had kept since I was a kid collecting rocks, and placed them there to mark the spot. Cary brought me his water bottle to rinse off my hands ("to let the rest of Phil stay here"), and Mondo handed me a towel to dry off. We all agreed that it was a good spot to be at rest. Mondo left in his truck to go to work, and I rode back to Wasta with Pam and Cary. Cary said he originally didn't want to be cremated, but now he thought he would, and this spot would be where he would want to be spread, too. After I said goodbye to them, with many thanks, and hugs, and a promise to return, I painted a watercolor. I guess it's for Phil, or maybe it's for me.

Pam, Cary, and Mondo, by Mondo's truck:

The painting:



June 12, 2012 @04:25 pm What a beautiful send off. I agree with painting...inspired....t-shirt by Marcia's Magic DG Smith
June 12, 2012 @07:18 am thanks for sharing Donna
June 09, 2012 @07:32 am Love your painting Marcia! It would also make an awesome T-shirt. Sounds like it must have been an emotional day for you. I'm glad you had good friends with you through it. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe. Josie
June 08, 2012 @09:12 am Beautiful watercolor Marcia. You've got some terrific friends there. Sounds like a good place to scatter ashes. Travel safe! Doris doris

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