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Wheatland County Line (Acoustic Version)

My aunt and uncle have been coming along with me to the open mics in Eugene, an adventure for all of us. On Monday night we went to the Wandering Goat, and interesting little coffee and beer place down by the tracks on Madison Street. The coffee was outstandingly good. For my cup of decaf, the barista started with beans, ground them, and brewed my individual perfect cup of coffee. It was the best cup of decaf coffee I have ever had. The open mic was only for songwriters playing original music. We got there at 6:30, and I was the first one on the signup list. I was wondering what kind of turnout there would be, but others did wander in to fill up the list. Michael, the owner, played a set of his songs which were good so far as I could hear. The table next to us was filled with 20-somethings that talked loudly over every song. One of them signed up to play, but apparently couldn't be bothered to give the other players any respect. We left when it was his turn at the mic. The other performers were a real mix: two younger guys who were hopping freight and got into Eugene the night before (guitar, banjo, and Appalachian-flavored music), an interesting songwriter with quirky tunes, and the absolute worst group of three players it has been my (mis)fortune to hear on a stage. And loud. I had to go outside while they were playing, something I have never done before at an open mic.

Last night we piled into the car, guitar in the trunk, to Hot Mama's Wings. There are other open mics on Tuesday night, but this place was voted best open mic in Eugene. The place was crowded, with lots of conversations during the performances. There were some really good performers, including Robert Meade, who played an excellent set of mostly originals. I had a good set - played four songs, and people listened in spite of the noisy room. Sal Salvatore, the host, made me promise to come back. Life is pushing me to another tour next summer, a gigging tour with scheduled performance dates. I have had gig offers in Illinois, Montana, and Oregon, and told my brother Dennis if he could find something in the Napa Valley in California, I would include him on the tour. 

Tonight we will be going to the Dexter Lake Club for another originals-only open mic. The adventure continues :)

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