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Wheatland County Line (Acoustic Version)

I am in Wasta, South Dakota, where the temperature was in the 90's today as a hot, dry wind was blowing. The wind was not refreshing, but it was constant. I am hooked up to the electricity at the Sunrise Campground, so air conditioning is also a constant inside the RV. As I traveled along I-90, the wind pushed the half-grown grain stalks, and they moved like ripples on a green and silvery pond. At the campground the push of the wind rocks the RV and bends down the branches of the cottonwoods. There was no scattering of ashes today, as I wait for Mondo, who knows the way, to take me to the spot. He should have time tomorrow. Tim at the Wasta Bar gave me Mondo's phone number. Mondo had me call Rusty, who owns the land, to make sure it was OK to spread Phil's ashes. Rusty was OK with it. Doreen, a corporate refugee from Arizona who now owns the Sunrise Campground, is scattering her sister's ashes tomorrow, so there will be more than one send-off in Wasta on Wednesday. I have been lax in my picture-taking, but did do some today. Here is the view from I-90:

and here is the RV at Sunrise Campground:


June 06, 2012 @06:52 am Great pictures Marcia! And your song was touchingly beautiful..... Louise
June 05, 2012 @11:58 pm Thanks so much for sharing this. Donna

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