I am spending Saturday and Sunday night at a small RV place near Heyburn, Idaho. I was going to leave Saturday morning and head to Guernsey, Wyoming to see ruts in sandstone worn by the wheels of the wagons on the Oregon Trail. Instead I decided that I would stay put for a day, do laundry, practice guitar, and then head to Jackson, Wyoming for an open mic on Monday night, and sample the craziness of an upscale tourist town. One of the problems with upscale tourist towns is the cost. I phoned in a reservation at the big RV resort near Jackson, and will pay twice as much as any other RV place I have stayed at. The free nights in Walmart parking lots are looking even better. This will be my splurge, all in the cause of open mic road tripping. I will then go on to Guernsey and see the ruts, and find a cheaper or better yet free place to spend the night. 

I feel completely at home on the road, alone and digging it, invisible in the way transients are, comfortable with driving for hours. With the blog I spin threads of connection and visibility, and open up my anonymity. I bring you all with me that way, so I'm not alone after all, in spite of being the nameless person in the small motorhome in spot #3.

Here is a view of the Malheur River in Eastern Oregon. I followed its winding way for miles: