Chasing the Song

I untethered the RV from the campsite water and electric, put everything in its travel place, and headed for downtown Lincoln to play at the open mic at the Crescent Moon Coffeehouse at 816 P Street. I called ahead to make sure it was on, left in plenty of time to make it there for the 6:30 sign-up. Parking spaces were full, but I managed to find several angle spaces I could park across a couple of blocks from the address listed on I got to the address, there was a coffeehouse, but it wasn't the Crescent Moon. One of the people that worked there thought it was up about 5 blocks further, so I started walking. There was a coffeehouse, but it wasn't the Crescent Moon, and my energy was flagging in the 90-plus heat. I remembered that the GPS had showed a West P Street, and thought perhaps I had written the address down wrong. I walked back to the RV, and by this time the signup time had come and gone. I directed the GPS to find 816 West P Street, which it dutifully did, and brought me into a residential neighborhood. No coffeehouse. Discouraged, I went back to the RV camp, re-hooked up to water and electric, went inside and turned on the air conditioning. I got the laptop out, found their website, which had a completely different address. They must have moved and not updated their listing. At this point I really wished I could drink without getting migraines, but I knew alcohol was not a solution. Besides, I had left the Jack Daniels at home. Food was going to have to be my consolation, and after careful consideration lasting about a minute, I decided on chocolate (of course), and fried apples. I would never travel without chocolate, but the apples were an inspiration found when I was rummaging in the refrigerator. Peeled, cut in narrow wedges, sizzled in a good quantity of butter that was melted in a frying pan, sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a dash of cloves, they taste like the inside of an apple pie, but cooked up fast enough to work as a sop for my sad experience. I am feeling much better now.