I slept in Illinois last night, tonight I'm in Ohio east of Cleveland, and plan on making it to WMass tomorrow night. Three days of driving 1,424 miles. Tomorrow's drive will take 8 1/2 hours, mostly in NY, according to Google Maps. That's the concrete reality of how big New York State is: 330 miles long and 283 miles wide. It would be better for me if I don't obsess about it tonight, so instead I will look on it as songwriting time. Today I finally started writing, which I have not been doing on this trip. Perhaps my brain is willing to refocus now that the landscape looks more like home. It's like the hills put their clothes on, instead of presenting themselves without trees, bare naked, and I was the voyeur who couldn't turn my eyes away. Now they are back to being proper hills, staid hills, and I can let my brain do other things while I drive. I have a little Zoom recorder to sing into, and a spiral notebook to write in and then decipher later when I can finally look at what I wrote. Maybe I'll even get a keeper out of the drive. Even if I don't I will at least get home, and that's all the content tomorrow really needs.