Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

It's Thursday morning at Falcon Ridge. Yesterday I woke to the alarm at 3:30 am, packed the ice and drinks into the cooler, remembered almost everything else I needed, got the RV on the road, and got to the festival at 5:30 am. I was in the second line of vehicles, third from the front. The first line was mostly made up of people who arrived on Tuesday. Music for the official festival performances doesn't start until Friday, but for people who have waited a year to get back, setting up camp as early as possible is a very good thing. I camp in the upper corner of the Ten Acre section, next to Camp Kerrville, and Lounge Camp. I will see friends (Dave, Sharon, George, Ethan, Jake, Dan, Brie, Theresa, Scott, Bill, Seth, and others), and family (my daughter Cori). Steve next door at Ca,mp Kerrville brought a lawn mower this year, so we have sheared lawns to go with the porta-potties and trash bins. Today started at 6:45 am, when I woke to rain and realized that I had left the roof vents open. I closed them and went back to bed, Tonight Dave Smith, Dan Carp and I are performing as the band "Donaker Road" at the Lounge Stage, an unofficial but very cool stage put together by Scott Jones, and Ethan and Jake from the band Pesky J. Nixon. It's going to be full-time music day and night from now through Sunday. Campfire music goes on into the wee hours, sleep will be in short supply, and we're going to have a blast.

Sharon Maroney and Dave Smith in front of the RV:

A view of the neighborhood: